Thursday, September 23, 2010

Whew! Now that is one LONG Vacation!

Thank you for being so patient my TAOLA followers! I took a bit of a stumble in the health department but I am back and ready to go full throttle again!

Great News is that the classes have already started at the Viera Regional Community Center and I have so many students that I may add another class! YIPPEE!

Thanks again for hanging in there and look for more posts to come!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Cutting through the Red Tape...

I have to start off by saying, this week's lesson is a lesson in patience. As we get closer and closer to TAOLA becoming a reality, I have hit a bit of a snag. Looks like a 5-6 week snag, in fact. I won't be able to start teaching classes at the VIERA CC until late August to early September.

Although disappointed, I am not letting this snag detour me from the main goal of getting TAOLA off the ground and having several Campuses will become a reality!

As for the actual "lesson" this week, Patience. In this case, I am using this set-back to finalize and complete the two shows that I am writing for the future students of TAOLA to perform. This set-back is a "gift" to me. Much like in previous lessons, where I have talked about "receiving" gifts as an actor. What happens when you get a "gift" that seems to be a setback? How do you turn that around? Dig deep into your bag of tricks and IMPROVISE! How so?

Example: You are performing in a show and as you are singing and dancing your costume gets caught in some scenery. You are horrified because you know that you need to be across the stage in 4 bars of music. What do you do? In my case, (because the exact thing happened to me), I was able to stay in character and have another actor assist me free from the scenery with a little bit of creative choreography and the audience loved it! The director loved it so much that we kept the "snag" in for the rest of the run of the production. Now this is a specific example but the reason why it worked is because I thought of the "snag" as a gift, instead of an actual "snag"! It's all in your frame of reference and being comfortable with your character and YOU as the character!

So, accept EVERY gift that comes your way and remember, turns those snags into great moments on stage and in your life!

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