Friday, May 7, 2010

"It's Friday and I'm OVERWHELMED"!

What's going on here? These emotions are piling on top of other emotions! Is it stress? Fatigue? Insanity? A REALLY well written Character perhaps?

Being overwhelmed by emotions and other stresses, while it doesn't feel good at all, is another tool that Actors can pull from. Can a character "overwhelm" you? SURE! You are only Human, right?

Let's see... You have YOU, your character, the Actors you interact with, THEIR characters, along with your Director, then there's "blocking", lighting cues, set design, props, Music if it's a musical (lyrics, choreography, and staying on pitch) and lest we not forget the SCRIPT! That can be its own PERSON! OF COURSE you are overwhelmed!

How do you COPE? (Yes, cope, not deal)... You study your character. You study the script. You become a student of the Human Condition. You master "control". And you get a great therapist! Well, kidding about the therapist!

All of these strengths,qualities, and schools of thought are trained at TAOLA. So if you are feeling "overwhelmed", just think of what TAOLA can do for you!

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